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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let build mobile phone for you

With the Mobile World Congress winding down, I'm sure some folks are now undergoing withdrawal from the endless procession of handset announcements form the likes of Nokia, Samsung, LG, and others. So while you are waiting for the big guys to build the ultimate mobile phone, why not spec out your own? For about one fifth the price of a Nokia N95, you can buy an equivalent, and they'll be happy to enhance it with features like high resolution cameras, four stereo speakers, and TV/RM receivers. zzzPhone builds the phone for you in China and ships it to you directly. I'm skeptical these guys are going to dominate build-to-order mobile phones (after all, what's to prevent Nokia or Motorola from imitating the model), but it is a pretty cool idea. And $150 for a full-featured, touchscreen-capable phone will certainly attract attention. But buyer beware; the only mobile OS offered is Windows Mobile, so don't expect iPhone-like usability. Let's just hope they don't imitate Dell with a guy spouting, "Dude! You're getting a zzzPhone!"

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