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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun drives iPhone inevitability?

I found that this article by Matt Asay on that claims The inevitability of the iPhone struck a chord with me. Specifically:

The iPhone "just works," and then some. I thought I wouldn't be able to type on the iPhone without tactile feedback. I was wrong. I'm actually faster on the iPhone than I ever was on the Blackberry, and that's with only an hour of "training." I thought I would miss a host of things with my Blackberry, but I haven't. Instead, I've been blown away by the innovative use of gestures and the user interface. I resisted the iPhone for a year or so, but looking back it was inevitable that I'd end here. It is the best-designed phone that I've ever seen or used.

As someone who is carrying both a Blackberry and an iPhone with him nowadays, I'm struck by how different the two experiences are. Not surprisingly, when I use the Blackberry, it feels like work; when I use the iPhone, it's fun. We'll see if that persists when the iPhone grows enterprise email access, but I suspect it will. After all, what good is an Anywhere device if you avoid using it because it feels too much like work?

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wbc5 said...

I also use both and travel frequently away from a laptop. I have found myself forwarding emails from my BB (work) to the iPhone so that I can view attachments. Trying to read a spreadsheet, fax, or document is painful on the BB and I am much more productive reading it on the iphone and composing a response on the BB.

The iPhone is more fun because it is easier to use. I have a browser be Google Maps on the BB but never use them. Rather than look up my restaurant options in advance from a laptop I just wait until I'm in the field to jump on via iPhone. The experience us more rewarding because the technology does not constantly remind you of its limitatoons. With the touchscreen I have the mobile version of a mouse -- anywhere on the screen is immediatey accesible. With the BB, I have the mobile equivalent of the arrow keys. I can get places but only in the order BB wants me to go.